Plastic Shoe Cover Dispenser with Detachable Handle

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  • Product Description
  • Clean Environment: Use this shoe cover dispenser anytime you're stepping into your everyday space in order to keep your environment clean and free of any type of germs.  A study by a microbiologist at the University of Arizona found that shoes we wear outside carry more than 140 times as much bacteria as the shoes that we keep only for the inside. Therefore it is important to make sure the sole of your shoes is cleaned or covered especially when in your home.

    Power Saving: This shoe cover dispenser doesn't use any source of power, which makes it a the perfect energy saving gadget for your home. Think about it as a another furniture for your home or work space that will help you not spread bacterias in your environment.

    Time Saving: Save time by using your Shoe Cover Dispenser instead of the inconvenience of taking off your shoes every single time you have to walk inside your house or work space. It takes 5 seconds to have each shoe on your feet covered with plastic and walk around freely without spreading bacteria.

  • Product Specs
  • Material: ABS
    Model: GFSDM—2A
    Product size: 8"x20"x30"(with armrest)
    Product weight: 7.7 lbs
    Color: Gold
    Power: No power needed
    Box includes: (1) shoe cover dispenser machine with armrest, (2) Rolls of Film

  • More Info
  • Should I be worried of slippery?
    Not typically. The film roll used should feel like a heavy duty saran wrap.

    Where to buy refills rolls?
    You can purchase rolls online or simply contact us for a refill.

    How to remove the cover?
    Simply peel the plastic off the bottom of your shoes after using. It should come off easy depending on the quality of roll being used.

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