Tankless Gas Water Heater 18L 4.8 GPM On-Demand Hot Water 122,000 BTU/h, Indoor, Outdoor, w/ Shower Kit

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Key Features

  • Total BTU ~ 122,900
  • Max Heating Temperature ~ 145 °F
  • Adjustable Thermostat w/ LCD Display
  • Anti-freezing & Over-Heat Protection
  • Automatic Shut Off
  • Boiling Point Sensor
  • Energy Saving
  • Indoor & Outdoor
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  • Product Description
  • Whether you're tired of running out of hot water during long showers or looking to save extra space - Our 18L 4.8GPM tankless gas water heater is the ultimate solution for both indoor and outdoor use. The ignition of this tankless gas water heater is powered by 2 size 'D' batteries, so whether you're off-grid or in an area without easy access to electricity, this gas water heater will deliver instant and endless hot water on demand!

    Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, it features automatic, self-warming components that allow it to withstand below-freezing temperatures and can be safely installed outside without the need for removal in cold weather. Not only will it free up valuable indoor space, it also requires little to no additional venting. Upgrade to a more efficient, reliable and space-saving hot water solution today!

    Natural Gas or Propane Gas Water heater: The main difference between using natural gas or propane gas for your tankless water heaters is the source and availability of the fuel. Natural gas is supplied through a pipeline directly to the home, while propane must be stored in a tank and delivered. This can make propane a more expensive option for some customers, but it may also be the only option for those who do not have access to natural gas pipelines. When choosing between the two, consider factors such as cost, availability, and efficiency to determine which fuel source is best for your specific needs.

    Protective Gas Water Heater: This gas water heater has a heat-resistant stainless steel body that protects it from burning. It also has a highly efficient temperature control function to enjoy hot water endlessly. It starts off with 0.015 MPA low water pressure, and then moderate pressure between 0.02-0.08 MPA. Set up and control the settings of your tankless instant water heater with accuracy with the LED screen.

    Energy Saving & Combustion Technology: This Tankless gas water heater is available for Natural gas and propane gas users. It is perfect solution for those looking for an efficient and reliable Gas tankless water heater. Equipped with advanced energy-saving technology, this gas water heater reduces gas combustion and burning noise, making it an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective option. In addition, it comes with all the essential accessories including copper standard G1/2" hose connectors, filtration mesh, gas emission tube, and copper water tank, making installation and maintenance a breeze.

    Anti-freezing & Over-Heat Protection: Don't let the cold weather stop you from enjoying hot water. Our gas water heater is equipped with anti-freezing protection that allows you to use it even during the cold season. The overheat protection feature ensures that your heater stays cool even when in use for prolonged periods of time. Additionally, the over water pressure protection function automatically decreases pressure under excessive high water pressure, giving you peace of mind.

    Easy To Use: It's easy to install on the wall or outside an RV, and the water control linkage valve makes it perfect for those living in areas with water shortage or high-rise buildings. It starts up under low water pressure and maintains stable water flow under high pressure, ensuring that you have hot water whenever and wherever you need it. Don't let a lack of hot water hold you back, invest in our gas tankless water heater today and enjoy hot water on the go!

    WARNING: Please do not install this instant gas water heater in your bathroom. You must avoid installing this heater in confined areas with low ventilation. Outdoor use is mainly recommended.

  • Product Specs
  • Hot Water Output: 18L/min (4.8GPM)
    Heater Type: Tankless
    Heating Output Power: 36 KW ≈ 122,837.11 BTU/h
    Gas Option: LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) or LNG (Liquified Natural Gas)
    LPG Gas Pressure: 2800 Pa
    LNG Gas Pressure: 1800 Pa
    Item Weight ~ 19 lbs
    Item Dimensions: 25.6" x 13.7" x 6.3"
    Max Water Temperature: 145 °F 
    Water Connect: G1/2"
    Rubber Gas Hose: φ 0.79"
    Suitable Water Pressure: 0.02 MPA-0.8 MPA
    Starting Pressure: 0.015 MPA
    Thermal efficiency  :  ≥80.8%
    Exhaust Way: Open & Force Flue Exhaust Type
    Smoke Exhaust Pipe Output Diameter  :  9 cm (3.54 inch) (Smoke exhaust pipe not included )
    Discharge Ways: Flue Automatic Gas Discharge
    Antifreeze Max Temp:  4 °F 
    Ignition: 2* 1.5V D-Type Batteries (not included)
    Certificate: CE, ROHS certificate

  • More Info
  • Package Includes:
    1 x 18L Gas Water Heater Main Body
    1 x Shower Kit
    1 x User Manual

    Note: The exhaust pipe is not included.


    Can I use this heater for my kids above ground pool?
    Yes, but it is important to take into consideration that the chlorine from a swimming pool may permanently damage your water heater.

    When the batteries are inserted and the power switch at the bottom of the device is turned on, does the digital display turn on automatically, even if the gas or water is not connected? 
    No, the digital display will only turn on when the unit is ready to operate and the water supply is turned on.

    I've installed the unit and it seems to be ready to go, but I'm having trouble igniting it when I turn on the water supply. Any suggestions on what I should do?If the water flow is weak, it may not activate the flow sensor to ignite. As a result, the heater won’t ignite if the water flow is slow or weak. Some of our customers have resolved this problem by installing low-flow shower heads and sink aerators with low flow rates in their kitchens and bathrooms.

    How do I know whether I need a Natural Gas or Propane tankless water heater?
    Both natural gas and propane tankless water heaters have the same basic function: heating water on demand as it flows through the unit. The choice between natural gas and propane for a tankless water heater will depend on factors such as availability, cost, and personal preference.

    How do you vent it if installed inside?
    Unlike traditional gas tank water heaters, Tankless Water Heaters can vent through the roof or a side wall, creating more flexibility and options for placement. They rely on a natural draft for the exhaust gases to escape from the unit horizontally.

    What is the maximum heating temperature of this gas water heater?
    The temperatures for this propane water heater range between 50 °F and 160 °F (10℃-70℃), which is perfect to accommodate everyone.

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