Adult‌ ‌Tricycle‌ ‌With‌ ‌Basket‌ ‌Cruiser‌ ‌Three‌ ‌Wheel‌ ‌Bike‌

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  • Product Description
  • Forget about being too reliant on your car even for the shortest commutes! Adult tricycle bikes are a perfect fit for grown-ups and seniors who need a bit more stability than a regular bicycle can provide. Riding the three-wheel bike is a no-brainer, you can even be an amateur. Enjoy stability, reliable brakes, and the smart storage space on the adult cruiser bike.

    ENJOY RIDING WITH BALANCE: Cycling has numerous health benefits and you shouldn’t be missing out because of fear of falling. Whether you are a beginner at cycling, or simply feel safer when you don’t need to keep up the balance this is the perfect three-wheel bike for any adult. Besides being completely safe even for the inexperienced, you’ll be easy to spot in traffic and look cool while cruising the streets!

    IDEAL FOR SENIORS: It can be hard to stay active when you reach a certain age when even going out to shop is hard work. So make sure you stay active with the three-wheel adult tricycle that works for your hands, legs, and muscles, as well as strengthens your bones.

    GREAT WAY TO CARRY GROCERIES: If you wish to avoid breaking your back when carrying heavy bags of groceries, you can enjoy a ride to the store and pack your necessities in the large storage basket on your yellow adult tricycle. You can also pack all your bits and pieces, fruits and snacks, and ride to your local park for a picnic in the sunshine!

    RELIABLE BRAKE SYSTEM: Regardless of the terrain, this adult cruiser bike will provide you stability and smooth stopping. With a front V-brake and rear brakes for the back wheels, you’ll be able to stop instantly and intuitively!

    PERFECTLY ADAPT TO HEIGHT: For the best riding experience, adjust the front handle as well as the padded seat on the convenient delta tricycle to best fit your height!

  • Product Specs
  • Brake: Front V-brake
    Color: Yellow
    Main Material: Hi-ten Steel
    Gross Weight: 55.3 lbs
    Load Capacity: 330 lbs (rider and cargo combined)
    Package Dimensions (L x W x H): 31.1 x 23.2 x 19.3 inches

  • More Info
  • Package includes:
    1 x Adult Tricycle (Not assembled)
    1 x Saddle
    1 x U-shape handlebar
    1 x High-elasticity Saddle
    3 x Fender
    3 x Wheel
    1 x Basket
    1 x Anti-theft Lock
    1 x Set of installation accessories

    Does the tricycle come put together?
    No, due to easier transportation the adult tricycle requires some assembly before you can use it.

    Can I change the speeds on this tricycle?
    This model of the adult tricycle doesn’t have the option to change the speeds.  

    I weigh around 250 lbs, will this bike hold up?
    Yes! The adult tricycle can hold up a maximum of 330 lbs, including you and the cargo.

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