Portable 600ML Water Pick Teeth Cleaner and Flosser

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Key Features

  • 8 multifunctional tips
  • 10 water pressure levels
  • Leak proof 600ml tank
  • Auto 3min Turn-off 
  • 360 ° rotating head
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  • Product Description
  • It’s time to take your dental care to a new level and make sure that you are doing everything you can to keep your teeth clean and healthy. This dental water flosser has a unique combination of water pressure and vibration, which enables it to clean 5 times more efficiently than classic dental floss. It also whitens your teeth, protects your gums and prevents bleeding ensuring you always keep your beautiful shiny smile.

    Adjustable Water Pressure & Automatic Turn-off program: You can easily adjust the water pressure and vibration on the jet flosser choosing from 10 different settings. Pick a pressure that feels the most comfortable to your teeth and gums. To prevent excessive use, the device will automatically turn off after 3 minutes thanks to its timer so you’ll always be on track

    Multifunctional and versatile: Water flosser has 3 classic tips, tongue cleaner, toothbrush tip, orthodontic tip, dental plaque tip and periodontal tip.You can be sure to clean even the most difficult-to-reach areas of the mouth with the help of these 8 attachments for effective tooth cleaning and treatment.

    High volume water reservoir: The large capacity tank of 600 ml will allow you to continuously clean your teeth for up to 90 seconds, without the need for refilling the water floss pick. The tank is sturdy and durable and won’t have any leakage or damage over the years.

    Easy to use and control: Jet flosser has a 360-degree rotating head which makes it easy to use around the mouth without much movement. The rubber base ensures stability of the water flosser as you are free to move around the bathroom while doing your daily cleanup.

  • Product Specs
  • Voltage: 100-240V
    Input Power: 12W
    Hydraulic Pressure: 20-120PSI
    Mode: 10 level pressure setting
    Tank Capacity: 600ml
    Dimensions: 10.23’’ x 5.11’’ x 3.93’’
    Color: White

  • More info
  • Package includes:
    1 x Water Pick Flosser Teeth Cleaner
    8 x nozzles
    1 x Nozzle storage case

    Can it be used by more than one person?
    Of course! Multiple tips allow each family member to have their own cleaning jet nozzle, all tips are reusable when cleaned.

    Can it be used on sensitive gums?
    Yes, it can. With a gentle pressure and attachments for sensitive gums that Water Flosser has, your gums will not be damaged.

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