Large Air Fryer 16.91 Quart, 1800W Electric Air Fryer w/ 8 cooking presets

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  • Product Description
  • Looking for ways to make healthier versions of your favorite meals ? Look no further as this air fryer cooker enables you to fully prepare a variety of dishes in a healthier fashion compared to the traditional way. Indeed, your air fryer oven will help you simulate deep frying without ever having to submerge your food in oil again! 

    One-Touch Digital Panel: The LCD screen allows you to control your air fryer by a single touch. Pick between its 8 cooking presets, turn on the internal lighting and select the right function between rotisserie, dehydrator, pizza grill and oven toaster.

    Extra Large Capacity: The 16.91-quart stainless steel fryers come oven contains a bulk of space to make perfect meals for large families and for parties. Except for its large design, the Electric air fryer is still compact to place anywhere in the kitchen, as it won’t take much space.

    Wide Temperature Range: The electric air fryer has a wide 180 degrees to 400 degrees temperature range that allows you to fry, roast, toast, bake, and grill. It dehydrates and rotisserie at 90 degrees to 170 degrees temperature.

    Circular Heated Cyclonic System: This is an innovation in the line of air fryers. The full 360 degrees fully rotated circle heated cyclonic system provides you with the perfect rotisserie movement that helps to cook food perfectly to offer a crispier exterior and juicy tender interior.

    8 Accessories Package : The best thing about this electric air fryer is its versatility. With 8 cooking presets your air fryer comes with 8 accessories as well: a frying pan, three fry net, chicken fork, rotating basket, skewer rack, and fetch rack.

  • Product Specs
  • Watt: 1800W
    Voltage: 120V/60Hz
    Timer: 24 Hours for Dehydrator,0-60Mins for Other Function
    Temperature Control: 80-200ºC/180-400ºF , Dehydrator:30-80ºC/90-170ºF
    Certification: ETL Listed
    Dimensions: (15.08 x 14.96 x 15.24)" / (38.3 x 38 x 38.7)cm (L x W x H) 
    Weight: 23.15lb / 10.5kg

  • More Info
  • Does the electric air fryer dehydrate?
    Yes, as the electric air fryer uses rapid air technology with 90-170 degrees temperature management especially for dehydrating and rotisserie hence along with other 7 presets you can also use your air fryer as a dehydrator as well.  

    How I can use this Electric air fryer?
    1. No need to pre-heat the fryer.
    2. Attach the accessories according to your use
    3. But before attach put the meal that you need to cook
    4. Attach it to the holes given in the fryer
    5. From the LED screen set the temperature and wait for it to cook

    What is the maximum capacity of this power fryer?
    This electric power fryer has a large space to accommodate a big 9-inches cake or pizza in it easily, a 9inch x 5inches loaf pan, or a small 5lb. chicken.

    What are the advantages of the Electric Air fryer?
    1. The electric air fryer is healthier than other oil fryers
    2. It helps in cutting calories to 70%-80%
    3. It cuts down all the harmful effect of oil frying

    Can you put aluminum foil in this electric air fryer?
    Yes, you can put aluminum foil in the air fryer.

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