Digital LCD Indoor & Outdoor Weather Station Wireless & Multifunctional

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  • Product Description
  • Our digital LCD indoor & outdoor weather station accurately calculates the weather forecast, moon phase, temperature, and humidity trends. Start your mornings more prepared than ever with this little life helper of a weather station!

    Extremely Durable: This weather station is ideal for homes and offices, with durability and extreme accuracy. That's right - Made of only premium materials, this weather forecast station will not only tell you the weather but will also be able to weather the storm!

    Multifunctional & Accurate: With its many functions, this wireless weather station will find itself more than useful in your household. Whether you need to set an alarm to wake you, a timer when BBQ'ing outside, or check the humidity before stepping out, you can rely on this multifunctional weather forecast station! 

    Perfect For Indoor & Outdoor Use: Our weather station comes with a backlight, so you’ll have no trouble telling the time even when it’s dark out. 

  • Product Specs
  • Power Source: Battery, Power Cord
    Display: LCD
    Power Adapter Input: DC 5V
    Powered By: Weather Station/Sensor
    Battery: DC5V
    Power Adapter: USB cable
    Temperature Measurement range: Indoor:-9.9°C (15°F) to 50°C (122°F),Outdoor:-20°C (-4°F) to 60° 

  • More Info
  • Are batteries included?
    No, but you’ll still be able to use our device by plugging in the power cord.

    Is it safe to keep it outside at night?
    Absolutely, we’ve made it so that our weather station can ‘weather’ even the harshest environments.

    How does it work?
    Every weather station comes with one sensor for you to put in a place where you want it to read the temperature. If you’re using it indoors, we recommend putting it in your living room. If you’re using it outdoors, we recommend hanging it on the wall.

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