Heavy Duty Kindling Firewood Splitter Kindling Cracker Cutting

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Key Features

  • Compact and easy to transport
  • Strong steel cutting edge
  • A stable steel platform, can be bottled into the ground
  • Abrasion-proof carbon steel material
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  • Product Description
  • Forget about the exhausting wood-cutting process and try this new amazing way of splitting kindling wood with this steel cracker cutting tool for home and campsite. With only a hammer and a bit of manpower, you will be able to get perfectly cut kindling wood whether you are having a BBQ or camping with your friends.

    Heavy Duty Kindling Firewood Splitter Kindling Cracker Cutting

    Save your energy and time: You can finally save hours you would usually spend on getting the wood pieces nicely split. Next to that, you don’t have to use your energy to handle some harder pieces. With the help of our steel wood splitter, you can have your pieces ready in a matter of minutes without feeling exhausted afterward.

    High-quality sharp cutting edge: The cutting edge on this Steel Kindling Wood Splitter is very sharp so it will split even the most stubborn pieces of wood. Simply put any wood piece you want and hit the top of it with a hammer, the axe-like cutting edge will do the rest.

    Study and durable: Our Cracker Cutting Tool for home and campsite is made from hard carbon steel which allows you to easily split any wood piece without worrying about damaging the tool. Thanks to its abrasion-proof treatment this wood splitter has an even longer lasting time as it is resistant to any weather conditions.

    Light and portable: Who would have guessed that such a powerful tool can be so light and easily carried around? Whether you need kindling wood for your barbecue at home or you are camping in the woods you can always bring your best helper with you. Simply screw it in and hard surface and it will be stable for your next wood-splitting session.

  • Product Specs
  • Item Dimensions: 8.75" x 8.75" x 12.25"
    Item Length: 8.75 in
    Item Width: 8.75 in
    Item Height: 12.25 in
    Top Diameter: 7.5" 
    Material: Strong solid steel
    Cutting edge: abrasion-proof carbon steel cutting edge

  • More Info
  • Package includes: 1x Firewood Splitter

    Can it stay outside during the whole year?
    Yes, and you don’t have to worry about rust. It’s made from a high-quality material which will protect it from any weather conditions.

    Can I sharpen the cutting edges if needed?
    Yes! You can easily sharpen the edges with the right tools. Depending on how often you use the cutter it is recommended to sharpen it from time to time for the best performance.

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