Easy-to-assemble All-welded 11ft Steel Drywall Lift Panel Construction Tool

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  • Product Description
  • Have you been watching those DIY ceiling renovation videos and want to give your house a little touch-up? We have just the right construction tool for you. Long gone are the days when installing drywall panels was two or more people's job. Because with this drywall lift jack, you can get the task done effortlessly, efficiently, and safely with no assistance required. 

    Sturdy Built: This product is not only ideal for home but commercial use as well. Its all-welded steel frame makes it robust and offers longevity. You can lift panels as heavy as 150 pounds with this sheetrock lift. Moreover, strong support hooks help to anchor the drywall and fix the whole body of the device, making it durable. It is a one-time investment. 

    Flexible and Safe-to-Use: When it comes to overhead construction tools, safety is the most important aspect, and this drywall sheet lift checks all the boxes. It comes with a built-in winch with a brake to hold the product in its place for the accurate positioning of panels. Moreover, the drywall lift has a unique anti-skid design to ensure that the product doesn’t move around during the operation.

    A Multifunction Device With A Large Cradle: The drywall lift jack can hoist as huge as 4’x 16’ panels and it can tilt 65° back and forth so you can even use it for sidewalls as well. Moreover, the cradle rotates 360° and has a reclinable cross arm to assist panelling on the sloped ceiling too. In addition, the 114’ wide cradle has 3 rubber caps for auto-locking. 

    Easy To Assemble And Store: This drywall sheet lifter is perfect for DIY projects because of its tool-free assembly, which makes setup a one-person job. You can also easily store the drywall hoist in its box to optimize space when not using it.

  • Product Specs
  • Model: 4'x 16', 10cm caster wheels for easy rolling
    Material: Iron
    Power source: hand chain
    Height: 11ft
    Plate size : 4'x 16'
    Product height: 4' to 11'
    10cm caster wheels for easy rolling
    Apply various Drywall panels up to 4' x 16'
    Load capacity: 150 lbs
    Net weight: 86 lbs
    Gross weight: 93 lbs
    Foldable: Yes
    Brakes: Yes

  • More Info
  • What's the height of the lift as the lowest point?
    The minimum height for the drywall lift is 4 ft. But if you tilt the panel hooks, it can go lower on one side.

    Can it handle plywood and obs?
    Absolutely! There is no reason it will not be able to. It can lift ¾ inch sheetrock which is heavier than plywood. While it can easily stabilize 12ft sheetrocks.  

    Can it mount to its maximum length with only one person’s assistance?
    Of course! You can use it to hoist 150-pound panels up to 11ft in height without needing an extra helping hand. Just keep in mind to go slow and patient for accurate positioning of panels.  

    How high do I need to lift the drywall to get it hosted on the cradle?
    You will need to lift the panel up to 4ft to fix it in the cradle. But if the panels are too heavy, you are better off having an extra helping hand.

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