3000 PSI Max 1.7 GPM Electric Powerful Pressure Washer - High-Efficiency Cleaning with 4 Nozzles

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Key Features

  • 3000 PSI High-Pressure
  • Multiple Nozzles
  • Electric Power
  • Efficient Cleaning
  • User-Friendly Design 
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  • Product Description
  • Unleash powerful and efficient cleaning with our 3000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer. Equipped with multiple nozzles and an easy-to-use design, this washer is perfect for tackling outdoor cleaning challenges effortlessly.

    Deep Cleaning: The inclusion of four distinct nozzles allows for tailored cleaning, whether you're washing a car, cleaning sidewalks, or tackling stubborn dirt.

    Environmentally Friendly: As an electric pressure washer, it offers a greener cleaning solution, reducing emissions and noise compared to gasoline-powered alternatives.

    Robust Cleaning Power: Delivers a maximum pressure of 3000 PSI at 1.7 GPM for deep and effective cleaning. This pressure washer cuts through dirt and grime quickly, leaving surfaces spotless and rejuvenated.

    Convenient and Effective: Its design is focused on user convenience, featuring an ergonomic handle and simple controls, making cleaning tasks less strenuous and more efficient.

    Wide Range of Applications: This pressure washer is not just for home use; it's also suitable for commercial settings, offering professional-grade cleaning power.

  • Product Specs
  • Maximum Pressure: 3000 PSI
    Flow Rate: 1.7 Gallons Per Minute
    Power Source: Electric
    Included Nozzles: 4 different types for various cleaning needs
    Hose Length: Sufficient for easy maneuverability
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    • FAQs:
      How long is the power cord and hose?
      The washer features a long power cord and hose for extended reach.

      Can it be used for delicate surfaces?
      Yes, with the appropriate nozzle and pressure setting, it can safely clean delicate surfaces.

      Is assembly required?
      Minimal assembly is needed, with clear instructions provided.

      Package Content:
      1 x Electric Pressure Washer
      4 x Nozzles

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