400A Heavy Duty Car Battery Charger Dual Voltage 12V/24V

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Key Features

  • LCD Digital Display
  • Intelligent Repair Charger
  • 12/24 Volt Battery Charger
  • Fast and Efficient Charging
  • Wide Voltage Range Compatibility
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  • Product Description
  • Power up your driving experience with our Car Battery Charger, the ultimate companion for efficient and hassle-free battery maintenance. With a robust power output of 220W, a generous power cord length of 120CM, and a clip line length of 60CM, this charger is designed for convenience and versatility. Operating within a wide voltage range of 110V-250V, it boasts adaptive output currents of 12V-12A and 24V-9A, making it ideal for a broad spectrum of 12V and 24V vehicles. Whether you're looking to recharge, repair, or maintain your battery, this Battery Car Charger offers an all-in-one solution to keep your vehicles running smoothly.

    Versatile Battery Compatibility: Catering to a wide array of battery types, our 12v Battery Charger is compatible with lead-acid batteries, dry batteries, hydropower bottles, and exemption batteries (excluding lithium batteries). It excels at detection, repair, activation, and charging functions.

    Five-Stage Intelligent Repair: Our Car Battery Charger boasts a sophisticated five-stage pulse intelligent repair system, tackling issues such as insufficient power, low voltage, and high internal resistance. This staged charging approach not only safeguards the battery against damage but also significantly extends its life.

    Digital Display Precision: Featuring an LED intelligent digital display screen, our 12 Volt Battery Charger effortlessly identifies battery power, current, and voltage. A single click initiates the charging process, with automatic cessation upon full charge, and intelligent current adjustment between 12V and 24V, making it exceptionally user-friendly.

    Six-Layer Safety Assurance: Safety is paramount with our Portable Car Battery Charger, equipped with comprehensive safeguards against reverse connections, short circuits, overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, and low voltage. The inclusion of high-quality copper-plated alligator clips, using an oxidation-resistant copper-plating process, ensures durability, high-temperature resistance, and excellent conductivity.

    Efficiency and Silent Operation: Our Car Battery Charger's 220W pure copper high-frequency transformer delivers swift and secure charging, accompanied by a high conversion rate. The addition of an exhaust port design allows for efficient and quiet heat dissipation, mitigating the risk of overheating and prolonging the charger's service life. 

  • Production Specifications
  • Product Model: 400A
    Product power: 220W
    Power cord length: 120CM
    Clip line length: 60CM
    Voltage range: 110V-250V wide voltage
    Output current: 12V-12A/24V-9A
    Charging range: suitable for 12V/24V

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  • Package Include
    1x Car battery charger 
    1x Manual

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