Heavy Duty Gas Powered Handheld Concrete Cement Cutting Saw w/ 14" Diamond Blade

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  • Product Description 
  • This heavy duty 2 Stroke Concrete Cut Saw with its 14" circular blade will help you shape tough materials just the right way. The highly efficient and swift blade of this handheld concrete cutter machine has been made out of the finest quality metal for long-lasting use. It is lightweight, which makes it easier to carry, operate and control while cutting the material into necessary shapes and sizes. This high quality 2 stroke cut saw is undoubtedly great for professional masonry workers and beginners.

    14" diamond blade: The 14-inch diamond blade not only allows a faster and smoother operation but also makes the cuts more precise and neat. Masonry workers regard it as one of the best 2 stroke concrete saws in its class. The perfect blend of heavy-duty and portability gives this concrete saw electric machine a powerful performance that lets it stand out.

    High Power: The high-power concrete cutter machine has a maximum rotating power of 0.9kw/75000 rpm, a maximum torque of 1.4N, and a high speed of 5500 rpm. All these together make the tool great for cutting thicker slabs as well. 

    Runs on gasoline: This heavy duty 2 Stroke Concrete Cut is powered by gasoline and has a 1L tank, which makes it the best candidate for power-intensive jobs. No need to worry about having an outlet close by while using your saw or carrying batteries along with you. 

    Can be connected to a hose: The heavy-duty concrete saw has a hose connected which helps the user control dust. Apart from this, with a hose connection, workers need not worry about the overheating of blades. This is particularly commendable because it preserves the life of the blade which makes it economical in the longer run.

  • Product Specs
  • Power: Gasoline Powered
    Gas Tank: 1L
    Output Speed: 1500-1800rpm
    Max Rotating Power: 1.9 kW / 6500 rpm
    Max Torque/Speed: 3.5Nm / 5500 rpm
    Features: Water hose connection
    Blade: 14" Diamond blade

  • More Info
  • What powers this concrete cut and how is it better?
    The concrete cut is powered by gasoline which makes it more powerful than the ones running on electricity. It eradicates the need for wires and switches and this makes it more portable.

    What material blade does it have?
    The high quality 2 stroke concrete cut is equipped with a 14" diamond blade making it perfect to cut heavy-duty concrete. Apart from that, diamond blades produce fine cuts making the place of work less messy.

    Can it cut through the stone and rock?
    Since it has a 14" diamond blade, it can easily cut through stone and rocks along with concrete.

    What size stone or rock can it cut?
    The powerful blade and gasoline together allow the concrete cutter to cut any size of rock or stone.

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