Long Range Mini Camera Drone 4K Ultra HD Dual Camera

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Key Features

  • 4K pixels drone 
  • HD 1080p camera and ultra-wide 110° camera angle
  • 12 minutes flying time
  • Remote control via smartphone App
  • Fall protection, gravity sensor, altitude holds
  • Easy to carry around
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  • Product Description
  • Your phone camera sometimes isn’t enough - it's the perfect time to take your video capturing to a new level. Become a professional videographer with our 4K HD camera drone and never miss a chance to catch mesmerizing views! It is a perfect tool to capture all your memories and landscapes in super high quality.

    All you need is a smartphone: This Camera Drone 4K is extremely easy to set up and use. You just need to download the App needed to control the drone and you can let it fly away. All of the functions will be available directly in the App which makes it extremely convenient even if the drone is far away.

    4K Ultra Resolution: With a 4K Ultra resolution, you can shoot your video at a cinematic level of quality. The FPV transmission and ultra-wide camera angle of 110°  will help you catch some unforgettable views and scenery. All of this will be available straight from your smartphone, right at the tip of your fingers. 

    Versatile modes: With many different modes such as 360° flip, high-speed rotation and circle fly you can always find a unique way to capture any type of area. You can also create a custom path on the phone that the drone will follow. 

    Fall and break protection: Don’t worry that your camera drone will ever fall from the sky. It is secured by the gravity sensor, altitude holds, emergency stop, 4 propeller guards and many more features that will keep your Mini Camera Drone 4K drone safe and protected at all times.

    Automatic return system: If you ever lose your drone out of sight you can always trigger the landing or return feature on your remote control. By doing so, your drone will automatically come back to you and land from the place it took off. 

  • Product Specs
  • Blasting range: 45 - 60ft.
    Ammunition: Water Gel Beads
    Power: USB Charger
    Battery powered with included 7.4V rechargeable battery
    Camera Features: 4K pixels, 1080p HD Video Recording, 720p HD Video Recording, Wide Angle Lens, Quick Launch
    Maximum Flight Time: 12 min
    Connectivity: App Controller, Remote Control
    Headless Mode: Yes
    Color: Gray
    Suitable for Kids & Adults
    Material: Plastic
    Battery: 1
    Dimensions: 3.15 x 2.36 x 1.38 in

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    How long can the drone fly?
    This Long Range Mini Camera Drone 4K Ultra HD Dual Camera can be flown for up to 12 minutes before needing a fast re-charging. Depending on the mode used, it can vary.

    Can propellers or any other drone parts brake?
    The propellers and the drone body are created from high-quality materials. In a regular environment and usage there shouldn’t be any chances for damage. However if propellers do break due to some unforeseen circumstances you can easily replace them.

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