Heating Pad Back, Neck & Shoulders Full Coverage with LCD Controller

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  • Product Description
  • Do you experience chronic back pain ? or is it simply that you often need a massage to release the tension in your back, neck and shoulders? We've got you covered with our Heating Pad for Back, Neck & Shoulders. With its soft and premium fabric, our heating pad for Back, Neck & shoulders will help you enjoy the benefits of thermotherapy from the comfort of your home!

    Heating Pad Back, Neck & Shoulders

    Extra Large Coverage: With its 24 x 33 inches sizeGet all of your back problem areas covered by this heating pad to experience all of its benefits. You can also use it to treat other parts of your body such as the legs and abdominal area.

    Targeted Pain Relief: Wherever it's your back, neck or shoulder that is feeling sore, this heating pad for back painwill provide you with relief thanks to carefully positioned heating pads that can help your sore muscles relax and release tension. 

    Adjustable Settings: Get the best heating temperature (105 ºF to 155 ºF ) for the best relief by using your heating pad for neck and back pain LCD controller. This heating pad for shoulder pain can be used dry for normal and daily use or slightly wet (damped) to experience sauna-like heat.

    Auto Shut-off: Are you worried about dozing off and forgetting to turn off this device after feeling super relaxed? Don’t be! It comes with an auto shut-off feature that will help you feel at ease as you doze off. 

    Comfortable Material: Enjoy its ultra-soft flannel that has a smooth and soft texture that will give you a taste of luxury. This material is also machine washable so it's super easy to maintain. 

  • Product Specs
  • Size: 24” x 33”
    Power: AC 120V, 60Hz, 135W, 1.1A 
    Pad Material: Micromink (both sides)
    Auto Shut-Off Time: 30 to 90 minutes option

  • More Info
  • Package Content: 
    1 x Heating Pad for Back, Neck & Shoulder w/ controller

    Can heating pads cause kidney damage? 
    Excessive use of heating pad resulting in heat illness may cause kidney damage. It can also result in low blood flow, dehydration, and accumulation of acid in the body.

    Are heating pads bad for you?
    Heating pads are not necessarily bad for you but it could be when it's not used in moderation. Too much heat pad usage may result in inner muscle damage. 

    What does heat do for your back pain?
    Heat therapy can dilate blood vessels. This process is also called vasodilation. It can help increase blood flow in areas that are stiff and painful. 

    Can you use too much heating pad?
    Yes, you can use too much heat pad, especially when it gets too hot and causes burns on the skin. 

    Is it okay to use a heating pad every night?
    Yes, it is okay to use a heating bed every night. However, some electric heating pads get too cold in the early hours of the morning while others get too hot when not shut off which can then burn the skin. Make sure that these proble

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