Jeep Wrangle Jk High-grade Steel Front/Rear Bumper With Led Light

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  • Product Description
  • Planning on upgrading your jeep? A rock crawler bumper can be just the accessory that you need for that off-road trip. It will not only increase your off-road survivability but also is a good way to amp up your jeep looks. This bumper has just the right contemporary touch to a classic design to individualize your wheels to match your vibe. 

    Easy to Install: Not so good with drills and cutters? Well, good for you that this front/rear bumper requires neither. It comes with a smart design so you can directly bolt it on using your basic hand tools with no hassle of complicated installation instructions. Easy, clean, and efficient. 

    Durability and Longevity: This bumper is here to stay. With its cold-rolled steel sheets, steel tubing, and rust-resistant powder coating, it will surely outlast your vehicle’s life. 

    Protection+Style: We already talked about its robust frame that can take you through dunes, tree stumps, and flying rock. But it sounds not only fierce, but it looks equally badass too. The sleek black color with its heavy-duty build creates a very grunge look. Thus offering not only protection but enhancing the value and aesthetic appeal of your jeep as well. Talk about versatility!

  • Product Specs
  • Fit: 2007-2018 Jeep TJ/YJ Wrangler all models
    Front Bumper Winch Plate D-Ring
    Manufactured from 5/32" cold rolled steel sheet and 2"X0.12" steel tubing
    Color: Black
    Material: Steel

  • More Info
  • Do I need both the front and rear bumper, or can only one suffice?
    The important thing to understand here is that the bumper protects your vehicle only where it’s installed. So if you only install the front bumper, then only the front remains protected. If you want to prevent dents and damage to the rear of the jeep, then you have to install a rear bumper too.

    Will this bumper break in an accident?
    It is highly unlikely. It’s made from high-grade steel covered with powder to prevent corrosion and dust. So the force required to break this bumper will be immense. This is something that you don’t need to worry about. 

    Can I use a Rock Crawler bumper for both Wrangler JK and TJ?
    It’s doable as long as the shank size of your hand-held drill press is not larger than this drill press’s chuck, which is ½ inches. Usually, a drill press can handle larger bits than an average handheld drill.

    How high do I need to lift the drywall to get it hosted on the cradle?
    I don’t see a reason why you can not. Because both the models have similar dimensions, which makes them compatible in regards to bumper.

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