Longboard Electric Skateboard Dual 600W Motor Wireless Remote Control 25 Mph Max Speed

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  • Product Description
  • Strong Flexible Deck: This Longboard electric skateboard offers a surface deck made of strong plastic composite that will provide you a super stable platform for high-speed for riders. Its net weight is 16Lbs with a max load of up to 220Lbs. The wheels are 3.5in for a comfortable and fast riding experience on the road.

    Wireless Remote ESC Speed Control: Your 25 mph longboard e-skateboard comes equipped with a wireless remote control ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) for a smooth acceleration and with tighter brakes. A 3 speed mode will allow you to adjust your e-skateboard speed from 9 to 25 mph depending on your level of comfort.

    Dual Motor & 25 Mph Speed: Premium dual motor of 600 Watts Motor to reach the maximum speed of your longboard (25 mph) in a matter of seconds, allowing you to  control the acceleration of your e-skateboard to the best of your ability. Beginners must start on the lowest speed.

    Long Battery Life: The 5200 mAH battery provides a long life to your battery when fully charged that will allow you to ride your electric skateboard on a 18 miles range before you need to recharge its battery.

    LED Headlights: 2 light bulbs at front bottom deck for extra safety when riding your electric skateboard at night or early morning. Always remember to be extra careful if ever riding at night.

  • Product Specs
  • Battery capacity: 5200 mAH
    Material size: 960*330*210mm
    Charging time: 2-3 hours
    Material: 7-PLY maple and 1 bamboo
    Motor type: Brushless motor
    Fully Charged Range: 18-20 miles
    Motor power: 600W*2
    Top speed: 25 Mph
    Wheel size: 3.5in
    Climbing ability: 20°
    Color: Black
    Max load: 220 lbs
    N.W: 16 lbs
    G.W. 21 lbs
    Battery type: 36V 4.4AH 10S2P Lithium battery

  • More Info
  • How about its climbing performance? 
    It can climb up to 20 degrees. 

    How many speed modes does it have? What is the maximum range?
    It has a range of 18 to 20 miles when fully charged and 3 Safe Ride Modes (Beginner/ Eco/Max) 9, 18, and 25 mph.

    Can the remote control change direction?
    Sorry, the fun of skateboarding is to control the direction with your feet.

    Is the skateboard surface anti-slip and flexible?
    Yes, it is made of sandpaper with PVC and pea, and the &-ply maple and bamboo deck ensures flexibility.

    Is it brake sensitive?
    Yes, gently roll the throttle wheel on the remote control.

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