Outdoor Portable Wood Burning Stove Adjustable Air Vent with Pipes for Vented Tent Cooking

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Key Features

  • Tough Carbon Steel 
  • Adjustable air vent
  • Dual function
  • Portable design 
  • Accessories Included
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  • Product Description
  • Experience unparalleled warmth and cooking convenience on your outdoor adventures with our Outdoor Wood Stove. Built with durability and functionality in mind, this stove is your perfect companion for camping, providing both heating and cooking solutions.

    Outdoor Portable Wood Burning Stove Adjustable Air Vent with Pipes for Vented Tent Cooking

    Durable Construction: Our Outdoor Wood Stove is constructed from tough carbon steel, ensuring durability and resistance to wear under high temperatures. The double-walled design, with an outer wall thickness of 0.8mm and an inner wall thickness of 1.6mm, guarantees longevity and safety.

    Efficient Heating and Cooking: Whether it's keeping coffee hot, boiling water, or cooking bacon and eggs, this stove's top platform and adjustable air vent make it versatile for all your campsite cooking and heating needs. The specially reinforced chimney base prevents easy shaking, while the hot tent stove jack protects against spark damage.

    Compact and Portable: Designed for adventurers, the stove's legs detach, and the pipes nest within the stove, allowing the entire setup to fit inside itself. This thoughtful design ensures easy storage and smooth transport, making it a practical choice for any outdoor setting.

    Enhanced Features: With side shelves for holding cups or food during cooking, and a front hinged door for easy access and ventilation control, this stove is both user-friendly and efficient. The package includes 3 pipes, a chimney horizontal intubation, detachable legs, a firewood hook, and a pair of gloves, ensuring you have everything you need for a comfortable outdoor experience.

  • Product Specs
  • Color: Green
    Material: Carbon Steel
    Dimensions: Expanded - 58x46x103cm; Storage - 29x23x27cm
    Door Opening: 150x170mm
    Firebox Dimensions: 210mmx285mmx270mm
    Pipe Diameter: 60mm; Total Pipe Length: 675mm
    Net Weight: 17lbs

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  • FAQs:

    How easy is it to assemble the stove?
    Assembly is straightforward, with detachable components designed for user convenience and an instruction manual to guide you.

    Can this stove be used in any outdoor environment?
    Yes, it's perfect for camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities, designed specifically for use with proper ventilation.

    Package Includes
    1x Outdoor Wood Stove
    3x pipes
    1x Chimney horizontal intubation
    1x detachable legs
    1x firewood hook
    1x pair of gloves
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