Robot Vacuum Cleaner Dry and Wet Surface with 2D Map Navigation Wi-Fi Remote Control

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Key Features

  • Detailed Cleaning
  • Fast Connectivity
  • Li-ion Battery
  • 2D Navigation
  • Wide Application
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  • Product Description
  • Cleaning becomes a hassle when you plan to clean the entire home all alone. On the contrary, it becomes a fun task if you have any companion or device to assist you. Featuring prompt voice message, cleaning speed options, smart memory, Wi-Fi control, distance control option, and controllable suction power, this all-in-one Vacuum Cleaner stands alone in the market. And no need to charge it manually. Once it completes cleaning tasks, it goes back to the charging station.

    DETAILED CLEANING: Whether you want to clean a single room or a complete home, this Chargeable Robot Vacuum 2D Map Navigation Vacuum Cleaner does all efficiently. With bio algorithm, our vacuum cleaner makes partitions and memorize paths to complete its task in minimum time and maximum accuracy. 

    FAST CONNECTIVITY: This Robotic Vacuum Cleaner works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to provide visualization of the complete cleaning process on your mobile phone. It has all the features to be your best cleaning partner.

    Li-ion BATTERY: Powered by a brushless 2500mAh LG chip Li-ion battery with low noise, high-speed rotation, high performance, and strong suctioning power. With all matchless features, this mini vacuum cleaner works powerfully without leaving any corner.

    2D NAVIGATION: This anti-fall Robotic Vacuum Cleaner changes its direction according to floor environment and obstacles within 10ms. The 98% single time cleaning coverage reduces any cleaning error of 1%. Moreover, this latest gadget never repeats the cleaning paths.

    WIDE APPLICATION: This anti-collision Robotic Vacuum Cleaner works well on both low/hard carpet within a height of 1cm, hardwood, ceramic tiles making perfect for hotel rooms, offices and more. The V-shaped in-built brush ensure deep floor cleaning. The central roller with twining proof unique design prevents entangling with wires.

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