Fast Pro Dual 3000W Electric Scooter Max Speed 52 MPH with 11 inches A/T Tires & Removable Seat

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Key Features

  • 52 Mph Max Speed
  • 60 Miles Max Range
  • 440 Lbs Max load
  • 11" All Terrain Tires
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Front & Rear Headlights
  • Front and Rear Oil Brake 
  • Ignition By Key
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  • Product Description 
  • Beat traffic and get to your destination in no time by speeding through narrow and wide roads with ease riding on our Fast Pro Electric Scooter. Equipped with a seat for for extra comfort and convenience, our adult fast electric scooter is perfect for those who are always on the go and not afraid of speed!

    Fast Speed & Long Range Battery: Equipped with a premium Samsung battery and Dual 3000 W brushless motor hubs, the fast pro electric scooter reaches a max speed of 50+ Mph and delivers a maximum travel range of 60 miles on a single full charge depending on the speed mode selected while you're riding your electric scooter. It is the perfect choice on the market for off road rides and activities.  

    All Terrain 11" Tires : Amongst the best tires on the market when it comes to electric scooters, experience our 11" skid-resistant as well as shock-resistant A/T tires for a safe and smooth ride whether on the road, on the sand or in the mud. Perfect to handle heavy weight and suitable for adults and professionals e-scooters riders. 

    Front & Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes: Get the perfect grip with a stem handle bar adapted for adults. The suspension arms are propped up by 2 hydraulic spring shock absorbers for that added security when pressing the brakes.

    LCD panel + 2 Driving Modes: Full LCD display panel for cruise control. Allows the rider to switch between 2 speed modes: the Single Dual mode or the Turbo mode. The Single Dual motor mode (3000W) will extend the range of the scooter by 2x compared to the Turbo dual-motor (6000W) option.

    Fast Pro Dual 3000W Foldable Electric Scooter Max Speed 52 MPH with 11 inches A/T Tires & Removable Seat

    Portable Folding Design & Heavy Load Range: With a 90 lbs weight and portable folding design, carry your e-scooter around when necessary. The sturdy frame is made of aerospace-grade aluminum. The max load of this scooter is 330 lbs perfect for adults.

  • Product Specs
  • Motor: 6000W (3000Wx2 Hub Motors)
    Battery: 60v/38Ah 
    Throttle Twist 
    Max load: 440 lbs 
    Max climb: 35º
    Recommended Age: 21+
    Waterproof: IP65
    Frame Material: Alloy
    Deck width: 10 inches
    Range Per Charge: 60 miles 
    Top Speed: 52 MPH 
    Charge Time: 4-8 hrs 
    Tire Size: A/T 11 inch 
    Seat Included: Yes 
    Shocks Dual Front Dual Rear 
    Headlights: Yes high definition spotlight 
    Brake Type: Front and Rear Oil Brake 
    Scooter Weight: 81 lbs 

  • More Info
  • Is it safe to ride this scooter in the rain/snow?
    If it is raining consistently, do not ride your scooter or any two-wheeler. It is best to pull over and park your scooter on a level dry surface, ensuring that its exhaust is well clear of any accumulated water, and wait for the rain to stop. The same rule applies to snow given that motor scooters lack stability and traction when operated in ice and snow, which makes it unsafe for riders.

    Is it safe to ride this scooter on the road?
    This scooter is for off-road rides purposes. It is not recommended to drive this scooter on the road along with cars. We recommend always wearing PPE when riding this scooter.

    How is this scooter different from any cheaper one?
    This scooter offers a higher speed (50 mph), max load (330lbs), mileage range (62 miles) on a single charge, and more up-to-date design to allow stability and better comfort than most e-scooters at a cheaper price.

    Will my weight affect the speed?
    No, unless you exceed the max load requirements of 330 lbs. Thanks to the 5600W motor power you get to reach a premium speed of 50 mph if you are under 330 lbs. 

    Do you offer a warranty for this scooter?
    Yes, we offer a 6-month guarantee for parts and accessories or a 1-year guarantee for a scooter replacement if a problem occurs with your scooter. The warranty is purchased separately.

    Can you ride this scooter when the motor is off, meaning manually?
    Yes. Although this scooter is meant to be used with the motor on for its extra power and speed, it may be used as a regular scooter by riding it freely when the motor isn't on.

    Does it come with an app?
    This scooter does not come with an app. Your LCD panel will be there to track your scooter speed and performance in real-time. It is like a mini car. You have multiple driving mode options and get to change gear at the press of a button.

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