Upgraded Heavy Duty Cordless Electric Weed Eater/String Trimmer Kit with 2 Batteries

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Key Features

  • Powerful 600W Motor 
  • 2x 24V Battery Care Package
  • Fast-Charging & Long-Lasting
  • Telescopic Extension Design
  • Multiple Blade Options
  • Safety First
  • Broad Application
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  • Product Description
  • Elevate your lawn maintenance with the lightweight and powerful 24V electric weed Trimmer/Edger. No longer will you be held back by tangled cords or limited battery life. With its 600W motor, this electric string trimmer not only trims but also edges your garden to perfection.

    Fast-Charging Battery Power: Experience less downtime and more lawn time. This weed trimmer's rapid charging system brings your device to full power within just 2-3 hours. Equipped with two robust lithium batteries, you're set for continuous use for approximately 60 minutes. Mow and charge simultaneously for maximum efficiency.

    Adaptable & Ergonomic Design: We believe that lawn care shouldn't be a pain. Our electric grass trimmer's telescopic rod effortlessly adjusts between 36.6in to 50.8in, ensuring a comfortable fit tailored to your height and stance. Light in weight and easy to handle, this cordless string trimmer is designed with your comfort in mind.

    Versatile Blade Selection: Three distinct blade types offer precision and flexibility for any gardening task. Whether you're using the heavy-duty metal blades, the two substantial metal circular blades, or the five plastic blades, you're ensured a clean cut. From dense weeds to small branches, this trimmer handles it all with ease. This weed cutter is the ideal solution for villas, communities, parks, and other green spaces.

    Maintenance Tips: To prolong your battery's life, ensure the cordless grass trimmer is fully charged after use and store in a cool, dry place. This simple step can significantly extend its longevity.

    Safety First: Our user-friendly, one-button control ensures safe and easy operation. With its efficient design, this trimmer promises a neat lawn without damaging your grass.

  • Product Specs
  • Material: Durable combination of Aluminum and Plastic
    Power: 600W
    Speed: Impressive 18000 RPM
    Weight: 4.5 lbs
    Blade Varieties: Comes with 3 types (metal and plastic) for versatile use.
    Adjustable Length: From 36.6in to 50.8in
    Charging: Approximately 3 hours for a full charge
    Usage Time: Roughly 45 minutes per battery

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      • FAQs

      Once my purchase is made, how long will it take to ship?
      It usually takes us 24 hours to process an order. So most orders are shipped within 48 hours. 

      How much does this weed eater weigh and is it easy to change blades and string?
      The product weighs approximately 4.5 lbs, and the instructions provided are very simple and clear, making it an easy job to change the blades and string. 

      If I get the option with wheels, do the wheels come off to use it with or without them?
      Yes, the wheels are removable so you can use your weed trimmer with or without them. 

      How many blades come with this trimmer?
      The weed wacker is equipped with a total of 8 blades: 5 plastic, 1 metal, and 2 large metal circular blades.

      Is the trimmer easy to handle for extended periods?
      Absolutely! This weed wacker is designed to be lightweight and has an adjustable telescopic rod, making it ergonomic and comfortable for longer usage.

      Can I charge one battery while using the other?
      Yes, the trimmer comes with two batteries, allowing for simultaneous charging and use.

      • Package Contains:

      1x Cordless Electric Weed Trimmer
      2x 24V Lithium-ion Batteries
      1x Charger
      Assorted Blades Package
      Wheels (optional)

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