Spacious Greenhouse Garden Igloo Geodesic Dome 9.5 ft

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  • Product Description
  • The unique design of this garden bubble tent does not only offer an appealing look but also a strong and sturdy structure. The high-quality PVC material makes it durable and waterproof hence can withstand all climates.

    Easy to assemble, this geodesic dome is spacious enough to accommodate a full outside seating making it perfect for backyards. It also comes with a string of lights for a magical glow at night time, easily taking your outdoor experience from ordinary to outstanding. 

    Long-lasting: This garden igloo dome is made with durable ABS plastic frames and thick PVC screens. It has a zippered front door, two windows that seal shut, and double-stitched reinforcements to prolong its service life, offer adjustable vents for breathing and prevent mosquitoes from entering during summer.

    Can withstand wind: It can withstand wind velocity up to 31m/h, meaning you'll never have to worry about it flying away! The Garden Dome comes with metal clamps and plastic nails for stable support so you never have to worry about buying them.

    Easy to assemble: The Garden Geodesic Dome is easy to assemble; takes only about a few minutes for one person to set up by following the simple step-by-step instructions manual. You do not have to worry about any wrinkles because they gradually go away with exposure to the sun. 

    Size & Multipurpose: Turn your garden igloo into a greenhouse! With approximately 9.5ft/3m in diameter and roughly 6ft/1.5m in standing, an interior design height of roughly 5ft/1.5m to the peak, This geodesic dome can easily be used for multiple purposes like growing vegetables, taking care of seedlings and more.

  • Product Specs
  • Diameter: 9.5ft
    Material: PVC and ABS plastic
    Screen: PVC antifreeze film

  • More Info
  • Package includes:
    1x Garden dome
    1x PVC screen
    1x 10m Lights string
    1x Installation kit

    Can it be used for botanical and recreational purposes?
    Yes, the greenhouse garden is multipurpose and can be used for gardening, outdoor and indoor events and activities.

    Can it remain outside for long?
    Yes, the dome is made out of durable material and it can resist high temperatures, wind and snow. This means that it is great for outdoor activities too.

    What material is the film made out of?
    The film is made out of PVC and ABS plastic. The PVC sheet gives it antifreeze properties so you can use it in winter or even as a greenhouse for plants, herbs and seeds.. The dome is portable and easy to carry.

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