Electric 800W Variable Speed Drywall Sander with Vacuum Hose

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  • Product Description
  • Do an immaculate DIY job painting your walls by ensuring they are perfectly smooth and even before painting with the electric drywall sander. Sand from floor to ceiling and forget about the job being messy or exhausting, this dustless wall sander allows you to vacuum the dust, and adjust the rotation speed so that you don’t damage the walls. 

    RENOVATE YOUR HOME: In order to achieve a perfect, spotless, new coat of paint in your home you mustn’t skip sanding prior to painting. At the same time forget about hand sanding entire rooms and wasting so much time, thanks to this amateur-friendly drywall sanding tool. Simply plug it in and sand every inch of the room without breaking a sweat.

    VARIABLE SPEED: Adjust the speed anywhere from 1000 to 2200 rounds per minute and avoid excessive sanding that can damage the wall with the variable speed drywall sander. Even sanding arches and corners will be a breeze by simply switching between six possible positions of the sander head.

    EASILY REACH CEILINGS: Ladders will become completely unnecessary! Forget about stretching to get to all of the hard-to-reach and high areas thanks to the extensible handle on this electric drywall sander.

    DUSTLESS SANDING: Make the job completely mess-free! Save time on cleaning the room after you’re done sanding, with the long vacuum hose on the wall sander that you can easily attach to your vacuum cleaner. This will also provide you with a safer environment to work in since you won’t be breathing in the dust.

    MULTIFUNCTIONAL TOOL: Not only will this electric handheld sander come in handy when working with drywall, but you can also use it for plastered walls, ceilings, as well as for removing paper or adhesive residues, paint layers, coatings, and loose plaster.

  • Product Specs
  • Voltage/Frequency: 110V/60Hz
    Disc Diameter: 9.8 in
    Power output: 800W
    Sander Length: 59.8 in
    Power Cord Length: 13 ft
    Vacuum Hose Length: 3.3 ~ 10.1 ft
    Variable Speed: 1000-2200 r/min 6 Positions
    Weight: 10.89 lbs

  • More Info
  • Package includes:
    1x Drywall Sander
    1x Sander Hose
    6x Sand Pads
    1x Wrench
    2x Brushes
    1x Screwdriver
    1x Manual

    Does it come with a vacuum of its own?
    No, a vacuum is not included in the package, just a vacuum hose you can connect.

    Can I use this to sand my deck?
    While this is not a floor sander, you could use it for light sanding of your deck.  

    Does this sander work for ceilings?
    Yes, with some practice you could use this electric sander for ceilings.


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